setting out engineers Site Engineer verifying steelwork installation to specification

Considerable experience has been accrued undertaking such site work.  Any form of site setting out can be catered for including piling positions, drainage design and gradient implementation, road and footpath outlines, building footprints, boundary walls/fences, ground beam/steelwork positioning and levelling, steel columns etc.  Clients receive setting out excel spreadsheets highlighting design co-ordinates against as set-out and as-built co-ordinates for their information and records.

Ongoing sub-contract work has also enabled our surveyors to provide detailed internal setting-out services such as setting-out site grid-lines, partitioning layouts, structural columns and beams (concrete & steel) plus external setting-out for brickwork/blockwork, metal frame sectioning and external cladding plus verticality monitoring checks offset against grid-lines throughout construction.

Various check survey reports/data sheets can be supplied to client to verify accuracy of site work being undertaken and to aid any remedial works that may be required.

Experienced in field of sports pitches dimensional setting out for various local clubs such as football, rugby, cricket etc.

setting-out engineer Batter rails and profiles assisting earthworks