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Quarry and landfill surveying 

With trained, experienced personnel that utilise modern surveying instruments and surveying software, we're well equipped to carry out large scale topographical site surveys. This also includes: 

  • Regular update surveys as specified by client or Environment Agency (EA)

  • Site engineering works during new cell construction, such as POP surveys 

  • Pre-capping surveys

  • Batter rail ad profile board installation

  • Monitoring & levelling work 

  • As-built surveys

  • Quality drawing and detailed contour plans, cross-section and volume calculations

Bird's eye image of quarry
Site survey equipment at site

Setting out and site engineering

Years of experience and ongoing sub-contract work enables our surveyors to provide detailed external and internal setting out and site work, offering clients excel spreadsheets that highlight design co-ordinates for their information and records. Survey reports and data sheets can also be supplied, verifying accuracy to aid any remedial work required.  This solution includes: 

  • Piling positions

  • Drainage design and gradient implementation

  • Road and footpath outlines

  • Building footprints

  • Boundary walls/fences

  • Brickwork and block work

  • Ground beam/steelwork positioning and levelling steel columns

  • Setting-out site grid lines

  • Partitioning layouts

  • Structural columns and beams (concrete & steel)

  • Verticality monitoring checks offset against grid lines throughout construction


Topographical surveys

Provision of scaled drawings and other data outputs computed from accurately recorded on-site measurements using modern surveying instruments. We undertake land surveys of any size by collecting 3D co-ordinated coded site measurements which accurately represent the physical topography of each site surveyed. We capture the location of all ground surface features in their relative position and level along with additional above ground information at clients' recommendations, for example overhead wires, ridge and eaves heights, overlooking window positions etc.


All surveys can be tailored via targeted specifications related to ordnance datum and National Grid co-ordinates using GPS equipment, if required, in order to produce final drawings and report to any suitable scale.

Example 1: Basic boundary and levels site survey with contours.

Example 2: Typical site survey with detected site services shown.

Example 3: Typical specification site survey drawing.

GPS surveying

GPS surveying

Utilising the most modern Leica 1200 series GPS equipment, our surveyors can set up very accurate high order control networks off the Ordnance Survey (OS) Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS). We then produce 3D local site co-ordinates using the latest transformations from raw data, currently OSGM15 and OSTN02 for horizontal and vertical respectively.


Fast and efficient accurate RTK (real time kinematic) surveying allows our surveyors to easily survey significantly more data over larger areas of open space than traditional methods, to enhance any topographic site survey.


Land registry plans

Property boundary details surveyed can be overlaid and combined with purchased landline data to provide composite plans at required scales.

Borehold & trial pit locations

We can either set out desired locations prior to site work commencing or accurately record XYZ data for such attributes for any site, adding data to any form of site plan.

Check surveys

Check surveys at any phase of a particular project, such as checking road alignments, boundary locations, setting out positions or surveying stock-piled material, to provide accurate volume calculations.


As-built surveys

Producing final constructed plans to relevant departments for finished housing developments, industrial estates, retail parks, schools, hospitals, petrol stations, and more.  This also includes underground service and utility pipeline routes, including drainage records, which can be traced and verified for council adoption.  

Car production

In car production, initial survey work is processed using ‘LSS’ software by McCarthy and Taylor and transferred to AutoCAD for final title-block editing and feature layering. A majority of data is given to clients as 2D & 3D DXF/DWG, 3D digital terrain models (DTMs) or XYZ data. However, numerous export options are available, allowing us to accommodate most requested formats.

Levelling & monitoring exercises

Precise levelling and site monitoring exercises prior, during and post potentially unsettling site work, e.g. demolition works, underground drilling or subsidence issues.  All site work recorded to produce comparison reports highlighting any potential problems arising.

Pipeline surveys

In addition to initial topographical ‘strip’ and ‘special crossing site’ surveys for proposed routes, we provide setting-out of pipeline route centreline and running rails through to final ‘as-built’ surveys as pipeline is laid into ground, especially positions of pipe welds, reducers and valves etc.

Update surveys

ID Surveys Ltd staff can return to sites to undertake additional surveying to reflect any major changes to a site’s physical characteristics as and when required.  Utilising previously established site control, any additional site surveying detail can be readily input into an existing digital model to reflect any updates.

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